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How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?

Prices for a wedding disco can differ greatly from DJ to DJ. As well as price, you need to take into account their level of expertise, their experience of weddings, their individual style and their unique attributes which can all help to make your evening a truly special and memorable event for both you and your guests.

You can find out how much our local wedding DJs charge by clicking your area on the map (right) or this link Find Your Wedding DJ. This is a free to use service, our members will contact you directly with their price and you then decide at your leisure.

Wedding DJs who charge higher prices have honed their skills and offer a superior service. Their level of commitment to the overall success of your wedding is far greater (and you do get what you pay for).

Our surveys indicate that whilst many clients may initially think to base their decision purely on wedding DJ price, after receiving the replies from members the vast majority opt for the wedding DJ who can offer them the best service to match their requirements, even if this means paying a little more.

A professional wedding DJ puts a great deal of effort into pre-planning and preparation for the actual event as this is what will make your evening memorable and special. Their preparation includes getting to know you and glean the kind of evening you have visualised and the atmosphere you want creating. Sourcing special songs and preparing playlists can take an incredible amount of time and effort.

Some wedding DJs offer a variety of packages to suit different budgets. These are usually viewable on their separate websites or will be detailed in their reply to your enquiry.

With the rising cost of fuel, many wedding DJs factor the travel costs to get to your venue into their pricing structure if it's outside a specified radius. Our system here is designed to put you directly in touch with local wedding DJs.

A professional wedding DJ will cost between £300 and £900. Their price tends to reflect the level of service that they offer and provide.

Here at the Wedding DJ Alliance all members are checked for their experience in providing wedding entertainment and their level of professionalism.

So to conclude - it's easy to get a free quote for your wedding... To find WdjA Members in your area and ask them for a quote simply click here or use the map on the right.
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