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Before you start your search, think about the style of DJ that would suit your remit.

Do you want a lively party with a DJ that is interactive and energetic?

Or would you prefer a DJ that plays club classics and is skilled at mixing?

Choosing a DJ for Your Wedding

Choosing the right DJ and wedding disco for your wedding may initially seem like a minefield. Wedding DJs come in all shapes and sizes, but most importantly they all have their own unique style. One style might suit your remit rather than another. By asking the right questions the process can be made easier.

For example, some Wedding DJs provide a mobile nightclub which fills the room with fast moving lighting effects and others go for a more sophisticated look with subtle lighting directed only at the dance floor. Another example of differing styles is the DJ that lets the music do the talking as opposed to the DJ that reads requests and messages from your guests thus personalising the evening for you.

Prices for a wedding disco can differ greatly from one DJ to another. If you choose your wedding DJ or wedding disco by price alone you are not taking into account their level of expertise, their experience of weddings, their individual style and the attributes that they can bring to your evening to make it a memorable event for both you and your guests. Wedding DJs charging higher prices have honed their skills and offer a superior service. Their level of commitment to the overall success of your wedding is far greater.

A wedding DJ will become an integral part of your day. It is important that you have a good rapport with your DJ and feel you can approach them freely and talk to them. Don't be afraid to ask to meet with your potential wedding DJ before booking. You need to be confident in your choice of wedding disco and a chat over a cup of coffee is an important part of your selection process.

Your wedding DJ should present himself as a professional. This can be determined from the quality of his website, telephone conversations, email responses, testimonials received and the presentation of paper work. Always insist on having a contract, signed by both you and the wedding DJ, and remember to retain a copy for your records. In addition, ensure you are given receipts for all monies exchanged.

Most wedding DJs will offer to meet up with you prior to your wedding day to discuss the arrangements and finer details. Not only will music be discussed, but also timings and any other details about you and your guests to enable him/her to tailor their service specifically for you.

Ensure your chosen wedding DJ is in possession of all the appropriate certificates and licences. Some hotels and venues can be very strict on third party suppliers and insist on seeing documents before allowing them to perform. Certificates that often get asked for are PLI (Public Liability Insurance) and PAT (Portable Appliance Test).

If you are concerned about your guests not dancing, ask your wedding DJ if they provide other entertainment services alongside their wedding disco. There are many wedding DJs that can turn their hand to children's entertainment, magic, dance calling (ceilidh, country dancing, line dancing), games and karaoke.

A good wedding DJ should have a plan B for every eventuality. Ask them what happens if a piece of equipment should fail. They should carry back up equipment including a back up music source, even if all the disco equipment is all brand new. In case of illness, all members of the Wedding DJ Alliance are part of a local network of wedding djs with access to other members for support.

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